Poem: Lantern – 04/10/20

I try to light the way for myself,
only me at the present,
for myself I can only take responsibility,
but maybe in the future
I’ll brighten the paths of others,
allowing them to feel illumination from
my positive attitude and candour.

I smile and I dance into my path
of least resistance,
of least duress,
the lantern which dangles from my wrist
is warming,
and comforting,
no less.

It shines so brightly it sears my eyes,
I have to be careful not to glance at it for too long,
it provides me ample light to distinguish the darkness
from the path ahead,
and promising me relief at last.

There is pride in following a path of truth,
there is great merit in exploring one’s past
as well as their humble heart and mind,
within their corporal home,
swimming spirituality imbues,

and there is magic in progressing forward
and in the knowing,
that I will continue to create,
to make,
to attain,
to not have to again hide myself from the world,
having to refrain.

Refraining from shining is old news,
now is the time to explore the inner strength,
strident being that I am.

I tried to light the way for myself,
but now I feel strong enough to take on the
responsibility of assisting and guiding others,
perhaps I can be their mentor,
perhaps they can in turn mentor me,
and in a circle of knowledge we will dance
and feel joyous,
so happy,

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Sylwia Bartyzel on Unsplash


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