post: i will be – 01/03/22

© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock

I will be the boisterous me
I will grin and bear the dreams
I will heal and steal that light
the sun of the Son of the Sun
I will rise when the prisms sparkle rainbow sheens
I will be fortuitous
and reach for desired dreams
I will call and call for items like sticky pearls
because they satiate my need for nourishment
be and end all.

I won’t fold beneath pressure
I will contemplate and begin to once again know my other
my shadow self I will tame and feed her charisma
my Peter-Pan syndrome
my rainbow sprite self won’t go under

I will live with an inner dream
childhood fantasies of writing and creating art and music
are everything, as they seemed
I will not complain nor will I whine
because within is my great divine
and I will reach it, reach her,
the moment I speak I will become of her

Let the laymen understand me
and even let the complex mock me
I won’t heed their warnings
their shooting signs
because this is my life
and I’ll direct it just fine.

Whittle down the edges of a
childhood book with worn pages
and travel with me
travel, become,
love is what keeps us together,
and we shan’t come undone.
© 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.   
Photo from Pixabay

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