Poem: Thy Inner Truths – 11/09/21

Awakening thy inner truths,
beauty present,
spiritual proof,
the internal reservoirs of light,
make infinite truth anything but a plight.

Causes within and visions yours,
counteract the substance of irrelevant facts,
cast forth through the shrouded clouds,
airy mysteries,
intelligence, wonder, determining that which
we seek.

What is before my very eyes
is circumstance, crimson red,
but unfaltering yet,
a bold vivid view for my heart
to contemplate upon,
run from the pastels, into the beat
of another’s drum.

And here will the rhythmic data align,
rich cobalt, emeralds too,
enriched with understanding of linked truths,
brighten the mindset, for I know what to do.

I shall not carry on with anything but
positive intent,
bringing down the deceit and decimation
disingenuous song spent,
for deep inside I hear a calling,
the sparkling of my morning,
a yearning, a hoping,
a certain reverent knowing.

Trust not the tide of others’ wisdoms
but find that of your own,
I have searched high and low and I’m still
learning how to trust, and love,
and when push comes to an
irreverent shove,
and a playful side is shown,
I will counteract that airy, floaty substance with
something more like my own.

My spirit, it will shine,
it will take on the strength of truths imbued,
I will be able to be read like a book,
but in terms of knowledge, it is a wanted view.
I know that delving into one’s psyche
is not always preferable for him, nor she,
whomever these people prove to be,

but, I dare to explore,
I dare to unwind,
the visions, the moments,
the arcs and spikes in my mind,
until I become better in myself,
analysis, truth be told,
is better with maturity,
one of the perks of growing old.

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. This is simply breathtaking, dear Lauren! What an INCREDIBLE piece! So many lines are my favorite it’s too hard to highlight just one! Fantastically done, truth and love speak so powerfully here 🖤🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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