Story example: A Disappointing Act of Feet – 05/08/16

The Foot family were the very opposite of intriguing.

The Foot family stood, motionless, in a perfect row. Little, bigger, biggest, to be shown, none was ever left alone. Fitted with special umbilical cords to feed them around the clock, their meals consisted of chewy rocks and plankton water, distilled then fed through their tops.

This Foot family was by no means adventurous, like one would expect a foot family to be, instead they were static, unmoving, unwavering, simply sitting there for the whole world to see. But they were oddities, while they were anomalies, for being severed feet with umbilical cords, because they did not actually do anything, would not even perform, the public of them became rather bored! Who wished view a severed foot troupe who just sat there, unwilling of others’ desires to compute? All they did was eat and breathe, what a boring family, best look for something else to amuse the world with ease.

And on we move to the Leopard print crew, where the entire family of five and twenty two would were leopard skin printed in vibrant yellow and pink and dark blue, they were far more exciting, they liked to prowl, growl and pose, all the while excitedly sniffing the public audience’s with their noses. When they were patted by an unwitting, curious child, roar would the leopard print member, yes he would, he only meant it though with a gentle warm and loving style, his gentleness would reign true. This family simply wanted to amuse, to raise the crowd’s energy, because they knew that the crowd had left something entirely and utterly boring previously, even though they were not sure what it could be.

One day, the Leopard print family was sitting casually, sipping their dinner through a large purple straw delectably.

“I wonder what act the audience’s come to us from, why they need to be cheered up so much more and instilled with more fun?” one wondered, more to himself than the others, for by now, they had already commenced their evening run. It was delightful being a leopard print skin crew because they had the traits of leopards too, involving being fast and quick footed, and terribly handsome and attractive, why, who wouldn’t want to be part of this, what a family view!

The wondering leopard print skin member decided to investigate the prior act, even though he was told never to retreat into the woods, for it was filled with many booby traps, set to catch and maybe kill innocent, curious beings as he, but he must go, he must, he must go there, investigate, to see! And then through the brushes, upon the horizon, he saw what he made him most surprised! A family of big and middle and little feet sitting there before his very eyes. He watched as they inhaled and exhaled deeply, how boring seemed their lives, they didn’t even have to fend for their own food, it seemed, they were pumped with it through the tubes into their insides.

“No wonder the crowds are so bored, when they come to us,” he said with amazement, from shock he could neither breathe in nor out. He was shocked beyond his wildest dreams, for what kind of act was this foot family about? There was no skill whatsoever in showcasing this type of act, and close this atrocity this leopard print skinned member had to appeal for, at that. He half decided to walk up to poke one and tell him of his plans, as a means to chiding them, and allowing them to rectify the grim situation at hand. But no cajoling, no enthusiastic pondering, no encouragement growing could rouse them to attention, it was as though they were only there to be a boring vision.

So the leopard print skin member returned to his crew, told them what he saw – they were aghast – and what he planned to do, he appealed to the Jungle’s High Court of Acts, where he obtained the permission to wipe away their presence from the audience’s view. They were instead required to rest inside the jungle, where they would remain, not shown, for an undetermined time, for their arrival into the act themselves had actually been the result of a terrible bungle. A misfiling of documents had allowed them to be shown, and for many years crowds had been far than impressed at what they’d been shown. Now it is correct, now the show is fluid, each act in the show amuses or astounds in their viewing. There are no bothersome deep breathing, and essentially unmoving feet, they are now hidden from the world, no breath of them will we speak.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock, also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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© Alice Well Art, Alice Well (LMH) 2019. All rights reserved. 

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