Poetry and Prose: Routines – 10/10/19

We have little routines. You have little routines. Routines as far as the eyes can see routines. Some are tiny, insey little habits, others are irritating to oneself, grating on our sense of selves if we do not perform them. Some may say a certain amount of these ingrained habits are obsessions, our preferential predilections. That if we don’t follow through with what our minds and bodies intend, we will feel catastrophic inside, a lack of feeling and control to be had. But why do we need to do these tasks? It’s not as though skipping them here and there will hurt ourselves, make of us pariahs, make us social outcasts. In fact, these routines, these niggling habits, are simply just there to control our minds, in a manner which calms them, a substitute we’d better hurriedly find.

Because being calmed by performing strange habits can deter one from living in the commonplace world, a sanity to find within it. There is no point living in a land of delusions and grand thoughts, when no one essentially understands what you’re going on about. Those movements, those thoughts, those inherent tics, those ordered movements, verbal spouting, your jagged sense of speech. The over-cleaning of your environment, the rapid words and speech, control yourself – forgive the pun – allow the moments to be.

Your little routines may do some good, but others, why, others in themselves are better off out of our mental neighbourhood. Because if overt sense of control calms us, what does that say about our spiritual and mental health, when we cannot allow ourselves to be free, even for a moment, just a special and quiet sense of self? There is positivity in the posterity of all when it comes to becoming calmer and relaxed, to loosening up our minds and souls, at realising that these habits do not do us justice at all.  In fact, they merely impinge and take away from our sense of self, by their wanting desire to control us and our behaviour, wherever we might go.

Loosen the noose, and open the hatch, come down from that attic in which you were hiding yourselves in, and cast aside the antiquities of errant thoughts at that. Be pure, be wise, be true, and live for yourselves, be yourselves, don’t allow strange behaviours to continue to control you.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.  

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