Poetry: Eyes All Around – 09/11/19

Eyes all around, I can sense their presence lurking over me. Eyes all around, I feel the pupils burning into me. A sense of understanding that somebody is watching; I dart my eyes to the left of me, and there he is blatantly staring. I smile briefly to let him know I knew of his watching. A feeling of being observed makes me feel more than slightly aware, why is it these pairs are watching, as I travel from here to there? What is it about me that makes me special to their vision? This isn’t paranoia at all, their practices need intervention.

Do they know who I am? Or am I simply an interesting spectacle? I’m not dressed in anything attention-seeking, to bring forth their overt sense of observation. I am in the usual place I can be found at often, simply shopping for groceries, snacks, then off to the car. I want to ask that man what was it that made me so interesting to him that he had to blatantly stare, as though he was waiting for me to become aware, of his interest, should I have glared? In hindsight I know inherently that a glare is no solution, not even from afar.

I know what paranoia feels like, I’ve been there, experienced it, then tenfold before, this is nothing like that whatsoever. I simply know that rumours might be abounding, and of this, I can’t do anything more than ignore.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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