Poetry: An Eyesore – 11/11/19

 Herein lies this creature, 
the cause for great alarm.
Idly he stares at you, dead socket,
your heart beats, skips and thumps.
You’ve never seen a thing like this,
the glassy glossy sheen is making you spin,
there’s nothing living
beneath the surface, surely?

Though you’re still frightened,
this creature makes you feel so
nervous and utterly poorly.
His colours may confuse you,
befuddle you as you observe,
the creature now scuttles here and there
towards you:
Oh my, why, what nerve!
You recoil instinctively,
you don’t want a thing to do with him,
then with a running leap he jumps
and lands upon you,
isn’t this an interesting scene?
Snuffling like an adorable pet,
he engulfs your face with licks and kisses;
it’s a free for all,
there is not a section of your skin that
his kisses and licks are missing.
Then you realise this creature is
actually simply misunderstood,
taken for face value,
as many before him had, and after him would.
His appearance is nothing he can alter,
and when it comes to observing something
different and unique,
I hope you will not again falter.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well.
All rights reserved.  

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