Poem: My Peasant Fairy Godmother – 18/11/19

 My peasant fairy godmother,
so round and delicate and wise,
an orb and an orb unto herself,
she flies to me through the skies.
To provide me assistance,
to provide me with hope
she waves her hands and magically
provides me with her delicate scope
of wisdom and inner strength
of power and enhanced desire
she touches my nose with her glistening wand
and I cry out:
“I can finally leave home!”
I possess the power.
Because my desire, my mission,
is to not leave to meet my prince,
my desire is to be self-sufficient,
to create a world, a home for myself,
among the whistling trees,
beneath the glistening stars,
underneath the warming moon
which smiles upon me with ease.
Now I need not run from my duties,
of attending to many others,
of being on my hands and knees,
cleaning up after my sisters.
I now know I have the power to
walk away from the muck,
it is not my responsibility,
I can now work Life out on my own,
according to my own internal clock.
It is brave of me to do away
with the burdening system that kept me away
from obtaining a sense of freedom
where I was always downtrodden.
In my new rich silk and satin blue gown
I will run from the lot of them,
My life is now my own.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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