Poem: Three Pupils in a Pod – 20/11/19

 Three pupils in a pod,
one, two, three,
Carefully observing,
wondering where they’re going,
travels in life,
so far yonder,
if not careful they’ll find
much peril before them.
These wary, cautious eyes,
have seen more than they can stand,
they have witnessed atrocious sufferings,
and several sleights of hand.
Because who better to record
than a triplet set of eyes?
To silently catalogue and observe
but with no lips to tell the truth,
to dispel the convolutions from
certain criminals’ lies.
All they can do is watch,
they cannot even shift or move,
only blinking helplessly,
clearing their vision,
making their lenses lubricated
to continue in their method of being
utterly silent witnesses.
But what use are eyes
when without a mouth
they cannot share?
Only storing their visions
without a sense of concern
let alone ample or adequate care.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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