Poem: The Whispers to Behold – 04/12/19

Sometimes I feel as though I’m unfairly judged,
and though there are positives within me to behold,
there may be negatives which make me seem like I am
too eccentric,
but truth be told:
this is who I am,
I proudly do not fit into any plastic mould.
I do not adhere to specific rules and such,
I make certain to express myself,
not holding back and following convention,
there is too much to know and feel in life
than to be anything other than your radical self.
I shan’t allow overs to bruise me,
to gloss over my work, my expressions,
because if they do not appreciate who I was,
who I am,
who I have become,
I will simply dance away,
gaily prance off.
I could allow their whispers,
their disapproval,
to sink into my soul,
to hurt my current moments
and future tomorrows
but I prefer to discard those feelings:
I’d rather be strong, italic, and bold.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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