Poem: Layla the Ladybug Returns for Christmas – Our Whimsical World – 07/12/19

We first met Layla the Ladybug in Our Whimsical World: Illustrated Stories, a cute little bug who unfortunately suffers from “Bugxiety” and receives relief from her condition by hugging trees. Nothing could quell her nerves faster than embracing a comforting trunk; it made her relaxed, less jittery, and allowed her to become herself at last.

Here she returns for a little fanciful flight, beneath the Christmas tree.

 Layla the Ladybug was a cheery bug,
she loved socialising and mixing with insects
even wild hungry birds.
They did not snap her up with their beaks
because she was their close friend,
they looked upon her with respect,
a wondrous familiar, their confidant.
But one day a nasty crow had had
enough of her brightened mood,
he chased her and gnashed his beak at her
it frightened her betrayed heart!
She was lucky to have escaped in one piece,
her immediate reaction had been to fly away,
once safe, she pondered how to
save herself from this horrid “bugxiety” day.
Now Layla the Ladybug trembled with displeasure,
how could she rid herself of this nasty feeling?
This apparent irreversible measure?
There was nowhere she could see
that offered a great oaky tree
something to wrap her arms around
and grow a mighty inner power.
Because when she clutched a tree’s trunk
she felt stronger, bolder, lighter,
her condition would ease with great speed,
and suddenly in the corner of her eye
she spots a glistening Christmas tree!
The anxiety at needing to reach the pine in time
caused further palpitations in her chest
her heart it beat irregularly,
she could make it, if she dared!
And finally, with breath escaping her mouth,
winded, with a stitch on the right,
she landed before the mighty Christmas tree
and gleefully hugged it with all her might.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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