Poem: Swing High, Sweetheart – 06/12/19

We swing high and swing low,
exhilarating heights, devastating falls.
Because what occurs where we
play nice and then with fire?
Our hearts are entwined,
we are lost in rapture.
Our love may seem innocent and sweet
like child’s play,
rising high and dipping low,
smiling adoration.
Yet painfully we part from one another,
the very next day in each other’s company.
There is little to see but dedication
from our severed scene.
Rising high then bop,
falling down and thump,
it’s like a never-ending cycle
where we can’t decide
who is the propellant and who is the flame?
I surmise I would be the antagonist,
it’s just how I am,
the flame,
the one to catch the stirring propellant
is you,
one and the same.
We can fall apart as many times as we like,
But in the end, we always conjoin.

© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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