Poem: Cinnamon Milk – 26/12/19

 Cinnamon and sugar dusted over my
 warmed cup of milk,
 it comforts me, it makes my stomach smile,
 my grin shine, 
 have a taste of it yourself!
 I will prepare yours with the greatest of ease,
 dust and sprinkle it as I please,
 to present this to you with a glowing smile, 
 ahead of a stomach set to be full of liquid
 deliciously worthwhile. 
 And how about a shortbread biscuit?
 Santa left a couple on his plate,
 perhaps he’s on a bit of food restriction,
 heaven knows he’d been eating at every house last night!
 Paired with some cinnamon sugar and paired with some milk,
 enjoy your time together,
 this time of year is for family and friends,
 such loving proof, the mood overwhelms.
 Sip and nibble upon your milk and cookies,
 tell stories, recollect old memories,
 and remember past loved ones,
 who once sat in your spaces with bright eyes 
 and open hearts and expressions so warm.
 © 2019 Lauren M. Hancock 
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved. 

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