Poem: Together in the Next Life – 27/12/19

 Helpless waves of injustice wash over me
 as though I am present in the front line
 of the battlefield
 where I am made to press forth,
 my life on the line,
 my squad leader thinks nothing of my sacrifice.
 As I hurl my body forward 
 into the hail of bullets,
 shrapnel pins my left leg down,
 I am in agony.
 My sister in solidarity knees beside me,
 cradles my head tenderly,
 whispering that I’ll be just fine,
 if I continue speaking.
 As the mayhem washes all around me,
 brothers and sisters they fall 
 with frightening regularity
 and it is with sadness and a deep pang
 that I feel the life flowing out of me.
 In the danger of the moment
 my sister cannot stay but she chooses
 to lay her life on the line
 for me,
 for our friendship,
 Bullets continue to hail down,
 like acid rain
 they corrosively reign upon her and I. 
 And her, my dearest, 
 who will never let me go,
 together forever,
 our lives will end as we know. 
 But while the battle rages around us,
 wave by wave the lines of soldiers
 are forced onto their paths,
 my sister and I,
 our love will eternally last. 
 © 2019 Lauren M. Hancock 
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.  

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