My Reflections on Blogging in 2019 – 01/01/20

I was so excited to start a page on WordPress when I joined in July 2019. Though I’ve had other blogs before, this was to be something in which I showcased mainly my art, rather than my words. I loved writing little funny stories to go along with my illustrations and felt the sense of community within this platform while I shared. People were supportive of my words and illustrations and this made me feel welcomed. I am so thankful for my readers, past and present, for reading and enjoying what I have to share. I really am so grateful for your support.

Then I published my first book Our Whimsical World a few months into having my blog, which was such an amazing experience. Working with my editor Ben helped me learn many different things about self publishing and I am so grateful for his support and expertise.

Shortly thereafter, I began to sway away from writing moral stories or stories about animals or people which were amusing or thought provoking and had some form of message attached to them. I began to focus on writing and posting poetry, which I feel comfortable with and enjoy writing. I was worried that readers would not respond well to the change of tone and style of my blog, given that I had written so many of the short stories/flash fiction with illustrations that were light-hearted and such, but in a way, perhaps I needn’t have worried.

Then, nearing the end of December, I decided to remove Alice Well as the name of my website, the artistic name I was known as, and reclaim my site under my own name. I felt it was time to do so, especially as I am going in a different direction with my poetry. There was the possibility that going from one identity to myself may have caused problems and initial confusion, but I felt it was the right thing to do.

I think that when it comes to altering one’s posts or style in which they post, it just takes time for it to be accepted. I know that my readers are still here, and while I may have lost some readers because of the more personal style in which I am writing, I know that others will view my work and it may resonate with them too. It’s just a matter of pushing on, finding the right niche in which to sit, and allowing myself to be transparent and open to those who stumble upon my words, or follow them already. In life, there are endless tales to be told, it is just the manner in which one constructs the body of it that makes it whole.

Thank you for being part of my 2019 and I look forward to seeing you in 2020!



Photo copyrighted 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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  1. I believe I’ve been on WordPress for nearly 12 years now, starting with my poetry blog, though it has been through many changes since I first started blogging.

    I for a while, following hot links to my blog to StumbleUpon, and then Tumblr. But I returned a few years ago, started a short fiction blog for stories & essays from college, and then my literary quote blog, that of which I had been doing on Tumbler, and is pretty much a good barometer for my moods & thoughts.

    II still have a blog on Blogster, but haven’t worked on it for years. I prefer WordPress. There is something professional about, even with it’s free templates, that I like. And I think the community here is outstanding. I still have people who follow me from years back, who have become friends, more than followers.

    Mind you, I’m not always the best follower, because I’m blind. But thanks to WordPress, it’s pretty darn amazing what I can do.

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    1. Hi Charles, thank you for your message and sharing your experiences with blogging on different platforms. I think that twelve years is an impressive amount of time to have a blog/be blogging consistently. I’ve been blogging on and off around a decade myself, but more off than on. I admire your ability to make such an aesthetically pleasing website also, even with being blind.

      I, too, enjoy the supportive nature that the WordPress community has, and would love to have more of my followers feel comfortable with leaving messages and building a greater sense of community together. Making friends from followers sounds lovely, too. It would be a nice thing to experience.

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      1. Well, I’m not always the best commenter. I majored in Literature & Creative Composition, my goal was to become an editor, so I’m a bit of a grammar Nazi sometimes.

        I have a tag cloud on all three of my blogs here. I think it works best on my literary quote blog because all the tags are authors.

        The tag clouds may be subject to themes, I don’t know. But you should be able to find in in the Design tab in the Site Administrator view.

        Yes, you should add one if you can. I think they’re helpful, not only for readers but for me as well. That and they just look cool!

        There should also be a Category view option as well. But I only use that on my my literary quote blog. Tags for authors and categories for anything relevant to a particular author or book that I have sourced.

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