Poem: The Heavy Bass – 18/01/20

I feel the beat within my veins,
Vibrations, thrown off syncopation,
They pull me from edge to edge,
Paper thin and treacherous they betray the solid beats,
An insistence of one-two-three-four,
Heavy pounding, bass throbbing.
Then, the lyrics,
Singing of being unbreakable,
Is that what we are?
Are we made of such strength that 
none can step forth and shatter us  
into insignificant pieces?
Of course, that’s how some of us are,
Of course: that’s how we are wired.
I admire the dance I envision in my mind's eye,
The mass of revellers lost in moments of trance,
Smiles wide, grins spread, arms up to the flashing show of lights,
Taking in the stream of pure bliss and excitability,
Just a spin around and around and around
Ecstatic at living and breathing life as they dream freely.  
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Image by 453169 from Pixabay

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