Poem: A Morning Song – 18/01/20

I am inspired by experience, 
because that’s the richness that I have,
using my moments as potent fuel,
a propellant, on the fire of dry bracken and chopped wood.
Steady cracking ensues,
and I can feel the force of heat throwing me back.
Sometimes, some may feel burned
by the stinging insults aimed toward another,
or my apparent self-indulgence or lack of personal insight
that is fanning the growing fire.  
I understand that sometimes my words may also 
feel like a vice,
squashing you, contorting you into 
tinier and smaller pieces,
such discomfort to glean from assessing certain wordings,
you may wish to readily escape.
But I am enriched by the fire within my soul,
and though I rarely detail positive moments,
I can assure you I am a happy, bright bubbly girl,
just a poet who has leanings toward 
darker and distressing tones and subjects,
I bear viewable insults and assessments 
with acceptance and mild relevance.

For none can take me down  
if I care little for cruel or harsh critique,
I will sing my songs,
no matter their potency,
my hand will not waver,
and my voice, it will carry on,
I’ll continue to speak.
© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Image by Dikky Oesin from Pixabay

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