Poem: In the Clutches of the Sea – 02/02/20

Look at this view!
It’s preposterous that it’s here, free for all to absorb
with our hungering eyes
that which is here, complimentary,
an expanse that screams extraordinary,
the water is deep azure blue,
little fish can be seen beneath the surface,
the sand nestles between my toes and nails,
and I feel fantastic.
Heated beneath my feet are the tiny grains that are like
texturised and tiny rice grains that I can squeeze and squeeze just for laughs,
for the pure enjoyment of it.
It collects in the gaps between my toes, and it exfoliates,
how I love,
how I adore this feeling.  
I cannot believe I’ve never seen a beach view as pristine as this,
that’s the problem with being so less-travelled,
or rather, the privilege, for now I am permitted
the ability to be amazed and absolutely swoon.
I tiptoe toward the water,
such a game this is for me,
I’m like an overgrown toddler,
growing closer and closer,
the shore is surely a marvellous place to be.
And when I reach the lapping lips of wetness,
I grin widely,
this is wonderful, to feel the trickle on my skin,
I can hardly stop my body from buzzing.
I go in further,
to my ankles,
to my calves,
to my knees,
the little fishies!
They coalesce and swim around,
perhaps they’re attracted to old skin on my legs
which I was unaware could be found.
And then I heave, I throw,
I thrash my body into the depths,
like a mermaid with extra elastic effect and I am now
submerged, enveloped, encased with the welcoming
embrace that is the Sea,
I allow her to tame me and take me,
free in her hold,
in her clutches I can surprisingly still breathe.   

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
All images signed “LMH”
are copyrighted 2019-2020 by Lauren M. Hancock
and all rights reserved.

Image by julia roman from Pixabay

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