Poem: New Morning – 29/02/20

It is a new morning,
Nothing has dared stirring,
Not even the motes of dust in the corner,
The silhouette of the boogie man made of laundry,
All is calm and reposed,
The way I like it,
A city of sleep,
Muck between the eyelids,
Snoozing town,
A new morning for me,
But for everyone else,
Quiet, relaxation,
And ultimately free.
Slowly I awaken my muscles,
My limbs,
My well rested bones,
It is time to rise,
To begin the day as it should be detailed of,
How it should be told,
And carefully I stretch,
Making certain not to disrupt the sleepy spiderweb
In the corner above me,
I smile to myself,
This day will be everything my dreams have
Promised them to be.
One leg into the other,
Pants on,
Shirt on,
Shoes laced and tied,
I yawn loudly,
I displace those dust motes now,
It’s time for them to also rise.
And I sing to myself,
Then hum happily,
As I go about my morning tasks
Knowing the rest of the rested world
Is slowly waking up with me.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Leo_65 from Pixabay

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