Poem: Everyone May Be Busy – 28/02/20

Sometimes I enjoy being on my own,
Meditating on my thoughts,
Or lack thereof.
The feeling of openness which can be brought forth by
Simple introversion,
Viewing what is within.
While I could be content with such a mode,
Often I yearn for the compatibility of others,
My close friends,
My living champions,
Those who were always there to hold my hand
During illness,
During pain,
During loss and strife.
The meaningless banter is not so meaningless at all,
For through the eyes of an outsider,
My bond with others may seem thin,
Something which can underwhelm,
But they don’t see beyond the front of our projected image
In fact, they see nothing at all,
Because what is occurring beneath the surface
Is like duck’s feet whirring –
From the surface,
The effort you cannot tell. 
Everyone may be busy,
And I’ll be bereft with my intent,
That understanding I must cope by myself,
To allow these hours to pass by,
Tick, tock, slowly spent,

But when I’m in the glory of the light of my loved ones,
We shine, shine, shine,
No one is busy anymore,
Except with one another,
We’ll grow and laugh
And shine some more,
This is our time.  

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by fancycrave1 from Pixabay

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