Prose Poetry: It’s Your Birthday! – 07/04/20

Oh, a time for celebration! Your birthday while in isolation. There can only be us three, but that’s enough for you to see, that you are appreciated still, and you are deserving of the love you need. You are often quiet, you do not seek attention much, indeed, you are a hard worker of the household, our family, and you go about your tasks with a sense of careful meticulous duty.

But today you will allow me to hug you, to repeatedly kiss you upon the top of your head, when all other times I reach to embrace you, I am kept at arm’s length. There is something about affection that must make you squirm inside, but perhaps the fact I counted down the hours to midnight, to your birthday, showed that I care, it made you realise. Of course we love you, and of course we will always care, you are the masculine figure we always have to observe, to follow directives, to feel your care and quiet concern when it is required, when danger is near, you are the one to help pick up the pieces, you are always near.

And today is your day, let us celebrate it with a bang! Your presents gleefully given, one artistically made with a careful hand. And the others are so sweet that they could make your stomach curl, you delight in these gifts, for you rarely consume them at will. And now I spend extra time with you, when usually you are permitted your own space. I thought you liked it like this, but now, I realise, that sometimes you might enjoy my company, to have a quiet observer nearby to watch television with, perhaps here I am accepted as another.

And now it is time for cake, and we three celebrate, Mother’s been at work all day, and you are delighting in posing before the cake playfully, cheekily, unlike how you would act normally. I smile to myself, even those you are being so silly, because I know that you are enjoying yourself, this moment is one of today’s many. So, my precious Father, I hope you enjoyed your day, allow us to share in our love and appreciation for you each and every other day, always.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by ikon from Pixabay

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