Poem: Wanderer – 12/09/21

Open arms found in this wide world of mine, delicately and excitedly they’ve welcomed me in. I’m thankful for the support, friendship, and more, each morning or evening, my comrades' words I can explore. Their thoughts, laid upon the screen, bright, blinking, I take them in, ascertaining deeper meaning, truth-seeking, prisms of depth and reasoning, wondrous intentions blossoming. [...]

Micropoetry: A Tremulous Tribute – 28/08/21

a tremulous tribute disarming intimacy so comfortable to let him in conversations about everything emotional closeness no need for physicality feel the heartbeats through our laughter ponder-patter irreverent chatter knowing that to him, my voice does matter. accepting our trysts of personal powers so far yet so close feel our united pulse warbling and smiling with ease the past doesn’t determine we playfully tease building a stronger bond through wonderful rapport knowing should I falter he’ll help me seize again these oars.

Poem: Waltz – 20/07/21

Our feet together, they step in time, gentle footsteps, intertwine, yielding memories, forthcoming hope, endangered circumstance, thoughts, hearts, pump, grow. I know the understanding I have is too right, that the assertions made shall linger into the night, hands held, palm to palm, they know, intuitively speaking, they meld, we meld, complex love disarms. [...]

Poem: An Eventful Evening – 27/04/21

A rambling here and there, a touch, a smile, humour is in the air, comfortability, company contained, thoughts shared, all aboard the rise and fall of the train. I don’t feel awry, do you? They shake their head, they know not to speak their truths, for if it were known how nervous one felt, the pressures of the heart would have to be spoke, a heart would have to admit [...]