Poem: An Embrace After Tea – 23/05/20

Warm sentiments expressed,
heartfelt touches extended,
the joy within almost palpable,
understanding we are blessed.
The other sits opposite,
a smile within their eyes,
warm glints to be absorbed,
and I wonder,
is this what I’ve been searching for in my life?
A nuance here and there,
in softly spoken words,
uttered in my ear,
their breath so near,
makes me relaxed
and then rigid –
what did you say, dear?
A betrayal revealed,
because of a calling they felt,
an untoward moment,
they beg for forgiveness for themselves.
Yet I am no doormat,
I do not, will not, provide those words,
the exoneration of their moral crime,
my absence is what they deserve.
They weep, they weep,
crocodile tears which impede correct speech,
the tangled crotchet of the situation a mess,
no matter what,
I will not yield.
How could you do it,
I seethe,
how could you perform this ill to me?
Now the other shrugs,
there is only dishonesty,
when they retract and reveal
it went no further
than an embrace after tea.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

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