Poem: Edgy – 06/08/20

She’s the edgiest girl you’ll ever see.
She pricks holes through your arguments with safety pins,
rules over cool, college beauty queens,
wipes away their contrivances,
their classroom lipstick,
swipes off their need to impress,
she’s willing to pass any test,
she is a rebel with a cause,
do you know what I mean?

She is driven,
her motives are never hidden,
she fights and wars only when she feels it’s right,
she never lives under the radar,
but always,
always aims to be seen,
with her emphatic nature,
of her rightful presence, its visibility, she insists.
She wears riotous red/black flannelette,
she wears short skirts, never for the boys,
never for the men,
but she is here,
and she is present,
and really, she is doing life in her own style.
She is edgy,
cast on the fringes of apparent societal virtues,
she doesn’t care for their extraneous values, 
she isn’t concerned about whether she’s unwelcome or unwanted,
hell, she’ll stand centre stage, victorious either way!
Edgy, this girl is edgy,
she doesn’t need to oppose others to avoid their
incorrect condemnation,
in fact, if required, she’ll simply walk away
because of these wrong people,
she has no need to attend to them.
Because her presence speaks louder than
their rhetoric,
pleasant though their famous expressions be,
she knows her strength, its worth,
so potent,
their relevancy to her?
Nothing to see.
But when she wars with words,
she makes a wealth of their worth,
rounds and rounds,
her battalion sounds.
She’s sharper than you and I,
and with pointed bullets her words will fly,
of her attacks, she doesn’t need an alibi,
with pins and bullets,
her commanding words will fly.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Parker Gibbons on Unsplash

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