Taking a Small Break from the Blog

To all my lovely readers, I just wanted to let you all know I will be taking a break from my blog for a little while. Thank you for reading my posts and I will return soon. I am unable to completely put my all into my posts lately due to unforeseen events in my life, so I feel it's best to take some time out. I will miss reading all of your work and keeping up to date with everyone's posts! I will see you very soon. [...]

Poem: Sharing – 14/10/20

What can I share with my small world? Perhaps kind words, understanding, empathy, cherished friendships and love for others, listening, being there, calming, caring, and throughout the process I am subtly growing. There is the understanding that I am able to assist others and not selfishly [...]

Poem: Facade – 13/10/20

There’s the facade that everything’s okay. We walk our neighbourhood route, acting naturally, smiling as our arms sway. But there’s a hidden secret, it’s kept close, away from prying eyes, the facade we hide behind, that nothing is astray or awry within our lives. Behind closed doors is suffering, but behind the walls so too [...]

Poem: You Did The Saving – 12/10/20

Be unique, yourself, never try to fit in for the sake of being like everyone else, embrace that love and care you now have for yourself within, it’s hard earned – I know this is truth, all those years struggling to be more than you believed you could be, listening to that catastrophic, negative, self-talking din eating your mind through [...]