Poem: Into Account – 31/10/20

Should I take into account
the other side,
the viewpoint of another whom I cannot
wholly share their tides?

The rolling waves they experience are
tender to see,
to feel,
but I cannot allow myself to be affected overnight,
into the early morning, disrupted sleep still.

Their thoughts are on my mind,
subconsciously, as I try to rest,
to prepare myself for sleep,

and I simply want to diminish the thoughts
overriding me,
I need to be rid of them temporarily.

I cannot change this,
I cannot provide,
I’ve made a decision,
and though it hurts,
it’s the wise kind,

I now need to work on myself,
to progress through life,
onward, forward,
and make a small success of myself,
or at least something to be proud of
in due time.

Could we do this together,
side by side,
arm in arm,
friendship without divide?

We are forging ahead,
we are carving individual paths,
allow us to see that there’s no
unwanted decimation nor aftermath.

There shouldn’t be collateral damage,
only repairing,
filling those gaps,
because both can come out of
something like this stronger,
and I’d love to believe this as fact.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Jr Korpa on Unsplash


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