Poem: Always – 28/10/20

Rolling away those pains,
I can sense them there,
making me rigid,
making me aware.

They cause such shudders,
unwanted power,
overriding me,
making me suffer.

But I can sense the beauty ahead lingering,
emotions to encompass,
overwhelming feelings,

the ability to have sorted,
wiped away the discomfort
that was present within me,
now –
my mind feels free.

I shan’t be weighed down by
ancient unwanted thoughts,
shan’t allow myself to feel pained,
I can be self-taught,
to glow and shine,
stripped away of any negative moments,
replaced by instances of
shared light-heartedness,

they’re fluffy,
bright, light,
yet potent.

And it’s better this way,
decisions made,
brighter, fulfilled,
less encumbered days,

beaming, flashed smiles,
unpressured discourse,
lacking in animosity,
hopefully always in style,

concern and niceties to fill future times,
positive memories to be saved
for many a-while.

© 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Javardh on Unsplash


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