Poem: Raging Cafe – 23/01/21

I arrived at the café in a raging mood, 
everything felt wrong, angered me, made me feel misunderstood.
Fluctuations in mood today carried on from yesterday,
I was filled with upsets, overwhelmed with dismay. 

I sniped, I snarked, I complained, I felt bitter, 
could nothing go right, this is terrible, will it improve? I wondered.
I’ve not had days like these in months, 
everything has been somewhat right, 
an improvement upon the next, 
regeneration throughout the night. 

Yet today I am in a rage, 
better watch whom I address upon my page, 
is there publish-worthy material I’d like to save?
Quite possibly not, 
I’d rather go into a mental haze 
where I can zone out and forget every spiky emotion 
that I can feel, 
some will say stop complaining, and just deal.  

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved. 
Photo by Maria P on Unsplash

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  1. Wow. I can feel this. It’s so similar to my rage spells, love your genuine description. The anger literally sets the blood boiling. It’s so intense. 🥺🔥


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