Prose: Trusted Intentions – 04/06/21

I trust my intentions; they’re soft, gentle, and pure, I only wish for goodness now, swipe away ill meanings and discord, of which nothing useful can come or be pure. Wanting the best for others, even if they have caused hurt, well, this takes character, and really – dutiful practice, so devout.

One may speak cruelly of others in the heated moments of distress, but clear up the anger felt, said, hurled, and meant — nobody is perfect, everyone has at least one fault, it’s not their problem to always to manage those imperfections now. But there should be an acknowledgement, and at least a want for future change, sometimes that’s all that can be provided, a truthful manner of saving grace.

Because when hurt is projected, it thereby reflects an error in judgement; it’s right, well and good to protect oneself, but know where others have been, their current plight, where they stand, where they stood. I’m not suggesting one should excuse all bad behaviour, but what I am saying is to reconsider, have sympathy, some people will, won’t, can’t, do not know how, or if they are meant to or should change, and if they are to remain, sometimes present behaviours simply have to be excused, to ‘be’, until they’re hopefully unlearned, from their future repertoire, unsaved.

It’s up to you to decide whether you will take a gamble and either temporarily – or maybe eternally – tolerate these lacked charms, whether they cloud your judgement, your perception of the person you see, and whether they will or won’t change, develop, prosper, and learn.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Image by Kira Hoffmann from Pixabay

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      1. I’ve read this post a few times…I can sincerely relate! It is very difficult for me to be mad at someone who hurt me. I could be extremely mad at the way they acted and still see their side of the story.

        But the lesson that has hit me hard this year is that we also need some boundaries to protect ourselves. Goodbyes are necessary sometimes for our sanity.

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        1. Yes, you are right, and I can see both sides of the story but often it takes me time to see theirs clearly. Sometimes sorry is not enough to prove one is truly sorry, and sometimes our heart says “trust blindly”, and we slip into forgiveness mode almost unknowingly. How important is that person’s presence in our world? We must weigh up how much they hurt us, and was it forceful? Cruel? Intentionally?

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