Prose: Soar – 06/06/21

The thematic development of my life may not have been the same as yours: dips, turns, rollercoaster-like moments, each as valid as the occasions when trumpets signalled your arrival, or when misery was wept, the melancholy your life silently marred. There must have been times when your breath was swept away, heart palpitating, locked eyes, fumbling, love-sick tongues dumbfounded, unknowing of what to say. Or the cold winter during June, when feet and legs would entwine beneath heavy rough woollen blankets, only clutched hands and fogged breaths keeping time?

Haven’t we all experienced heartache, cracked into pieces, never to again feel whole? In these durations it seems all is lost; wailing, flailing, tears shed, losing all sense of control. Or have you felt the pity of another, your downcast eyes shamed into courage-stripped submission, the feeling that you’re, maybe, in that second, worthless, nothing, but later realising it was just a break, a lapse of judgement, a brief, vague intermission?

Here, can you recall the joy rising within when feeling content, surrounded by caring friends and family? Or the warm rush, engulfing headiness at knowing that you’ve achieved some sort of task, through hard work and meticulous care, and you can now rejoice wildly and freely?

Remember now, the feeling of being strong, like you are ready to take on the world, leave naysayers behind, to leap forward with your stride? Perhaps our experiences aren’t so different – now carefully contemplate, at which moment did you soar, at which moment did your spirit rise?

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by jasmin chew from Pexels

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