Poem: Morning Walks – 30/07/21

Morning Walks Horizon stretches so far away early in the morning, sunlight drenches, beckons, welcoming with fingertips gentle and knowing, strokes of sunshine, pristine perfection, our hearts pound as upon the pavement our pattering feet move, reaching our goal, though it matters not so much now as the bonding time does, this is so very true. [...]

Poem: Strive – 28/07/21

Consciousness creates change as I travel down a new path, my negative thoughts alter themselves, a turning point, a fork in the road, I do not beg to ask, consciousness is what creates our reality, I become what I think about, the most, my reflections flash as I stare into a clearing pond, eyes of goldfish bulge and bond, their gaze adjoins with mine, their forms start to bob, they rise for more, they learn to trust, a human with gentleness for them as one.[...]

Poem: Flushed Magnolias – 28/07/21

the strength within is something which must be seen, peel away those layers, let us view within, the armour, so thickly wrought, over years of abuse and mockery, self-taught, self-taught. darling, it’s time to make that move, inhabit a better place, wipe away your gloom, shine bright unto another day, and then the next, your armour always protects, come what may. [...]

Poem: Waltz – 20/07/21

Our feet together, they step in time, gentle footsteps, intertwine, yielding memories, forthcoming hope, endangered circumstance, thoughts, hearts, pump, grow. I know the understanding I have is too right, that the assertions made shall linger into the night, hands held, palm to palm, they know, intuitively speaking, they meld, we meld, complex love disarms. [...]