Poem: Strive – 28/07/21

Consciousness creates change
as I travel down a new path,
my negative thoughts alter themselves,
a turning point, a fork in the road,
I do not beg to ask,
consciousness is what creates our reality,
I become what I think about, the most,
my reflections flash as I stare into a clearing pond,
eyes of goldfish bulge and bond,
their gaze adjoins with mine,
their forms start to bob,
they rise for more,
they learn to trust,
a human with gentleness for them as one.

I will never reach a point
where I’m wholly complete,
to finish this existence early,
why, a thought ever so dreary,
never having to reach for improvements,
never again experiencing eternal growth,
manifesting more,
aligning my journey is required,
to become in a way I’ve never known.

While I am enough and enough is
what I shall perhaps remain,  
understanding the rise and fall of my life
in parts and in its entirety,
manifesting, creating,
differences yet still the same,
using the negative moments that allow me
to know what is unwanted,
and what can be improved on to rise forth,
and grasp hold tightly, so firmly, upon this ride,
a personal state of feeling so utterly divine.

I will strive to feel good no matter what,
whatever the situation or travesty,
I will distract myself from pains and lack of
positive source wholly and knowingly,
altering my judgement,
my anger and sadness from me,
focus on the future,
on all things possessing positivity.

There is much work to be done,
I acknowledge this myself,
so much time has been spent
wrecking myself,
I need to undo the harm,
backtrack the repeated mistakes,
unravel the consciousness
and become more, more,
like I’ve tried to,
and am trying to,
as of late.

A picture is worth more than I can currently accommodate.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Javier Allegue Barros on Unsplash

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