Poem: Seasonal Affective – 17/07/21

Today’s been a struggle
I must openly admit,
not feeling seasonal affective,
but rather seasonally dejected,
my mind, it swims with sadness,
amiss is my prowess, my brightness gone,
my ability to deal with
rejection or silence
when reaching forth to others
with smiles or hopeful song.

I know the root cause,
the depletion of my nightly dose,
and also the lacking of ample sleep
which my body and mind are
craving the most,
my ability to combat little things,
my lacking in ability to cope,
why can’t I be like others,
or simply possess the usual
resilience of myself?

I know I must sleep,
I know I must practice self-care,
but how can I lay my head
down to rest
when I am unable to
stop my mind ticking,
from working in a manner where
every ounce of energy is sapped?

My energy stores refuse to replenish themselves,
I should knock myself on the head,
and tell myself
enough is enough,
you need the former amount,
don’t be stubborn,
reinstate your medication dose!

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels

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