Poem: Soulful Sky-Blue – 14/09/21

The colour of his soul is sky-blue,
visceral, with tinges of mottled red.
I view him from an angle of security,
I know more of him than others have dared to have said or can see.
For there is more beneath the surface
of his scruffy-haired expressions, soft words, gentle whimsical looks,
I know more of him than many could ever ascertain,
I know so much more, of truth’s revelation I feel I have to refrain,
to not heed nor allow another intrinsic, curious look.

I know of him intimately, referencing not the physical sense, no,
but more in the manner of what his spirit longs for,
the tunes of his heart and soul,
the innate values disguised beneath a metamorphic
view of kaleidoscopic arrangement,
the colour scheme as bright as day,
as least to me,
this is what I’ll dare say.

To the public, he is but a member of society
who skulks about with the most nondescript of ease,
but to me, I know the internal rhythmics of his energies,
and deep within, I know there is something to treasure,
something which needs the space to breathe.
A reasoning, a soft-hued timbre, a melody of parched sorts
calling for just that little bit of extra personal energy,
a tending to, like a sunflower that struggles with his innate ability
to rise forth, just needing some encouragement,
I would guide if I felt it right, if this were meant to be.

But somehow, maybe that path has been long-trodden,
and feelings surfaced should really, perhaps, be forgotten,
I do not know whether nurturing something lost
that’s resurfacing should be nursed back to life again,
but all I know, I know, is his soul is sky-blue,
the sky-blue of an innocent heaven.
Shall I dance and delve into this shade again?

Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
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  1. Lauren, this piece makes my morning. I totally relate to each word and the feelings you describe here. Thank you for sharing such beautifully authentic and soothing writing…has to be one of my favorites of yours 🖤🤗🖤🤗

    Liked by 1 person

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