Stream: Wiccan cries: Open letter – 30/12/21

Photo by Olya Kobruseva on

sleep deprived I layer myself with ease
carrying the threads of foxy foxy actions
I smile and try to relax their knees
they become weak.
I do not know the true cause
the truest heartbreak anthem
which rides upon your throat
but this is to the ones closest
dear leaves, leaves from the scene
exit stage left.

slowly, slowly, deludedly, she unravels the past,
deciphering not much at first, but then, at half mast,
between the sleep, it all makes sense.
she is enabled, she is untoward,
she is unpopular but she is loved
and that’s all that matters.

the special ones will come, trust me on that.
there are just different stages to be sent,
to be scene, to be signed off, my darling,
read my lips, I’m over the rorting, the commotions,
the derelict ascensions,
take down the falsehoods and live live live<
roar, the cycles cry, the world of darkness flies
she petters them away like undesired times,
because, in her mind,

she’d wiped them away, with regal style
her heart wanders into her starry eyes,
she’s all the way up toward the moon,
the moon, is this all we can and will speak of,
the wiccan cries, her witch-familiar sits upon his hind legs and smiles.
smiles. She will stay within, stay home, just for a little while.

Copyright 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.


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