Poem stream: premonition – 31/12/21

I dance with momentous energy
flying through the silver screen
calling to thee and welcoming, see
the seer within me drives to flee

and wanton moments desirous times
fly and wind designing mine
and I realise the calling the calling of the designated stalling
is in the horses radiance
the unicorns fallings

she understands knows the truth is at hand
unravelling the dictations of the universe
control shift COMMAND

the crystals reflecting your flash is as smooth

as the cerulean blue in my heart for you
but darling see this moment,
this tirade this flight this path and know that I am the one for you
I am the one who calls with truth
I am the one being stalked sold for you
because, because the world
is not right without our charms
refresh the page,
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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