Poem: the swaying violinist – 17/12/21

as I sit by the fireplace I wonder, what is the occasion we are all searching for? the virtuosic line of violin sweeping the pavement and rising with dear dear sentiment vibrato so wide and with dissent with disapproval the other turns down his smile and walks away he does not like this piece this celebration of mine a joyous showiness filled with mirth and grins and sways and swings trip-lett-ing – flautando then glissing [...]

Poem: by the gods I have been blessed – 15/12/21

and I could not be any more grateful I present myself open arms tongue-tied fumbling for the right words to speak so thankful that I have been given this redemption this ability for reprieve for soul reflection for ascension I feel my spirit begin to detach and surround itself around my very corporal being enlightening my mind, freeing me from suffering there’s nothing to gain from retrieval of memories from ill historical and former focusing their blatant latent effect upon my cerebral and synapses firing in a manner so repetitively tiring my emotions couldn’t bear the calling, the calling oh, how I begged for their stalling [...]

Poem: wreathed, perpetually – 14/12/21

wreath me with the sadness that you couldno longer carrybattle heavy battle weary,I will shoulder the metaphoric that ate at your spiritentranced with the brightness of the airy and sycophanticI smile, for I will carry on this legacy in a different wayI will revitalise the mourning into celebrations setfor a glorious dayI will understand that [...]

Poem: reflection – 13/12/21

haven’t always been the best person haven’t perpetually been the kindest human in times of pain I lash out and let them have it my heart, wounded, dripping by the bloodied scourge and the very dagger sliced into my fragile ego drips drip drippps with overt sentiment and angry vehemence how dare I be slighted my mind will scream how dare I be wronged my pride shall call but the truth is, there are two sides to every story, and I can’t always be stuck playing, rewinding Side B hours and hours on repeat, lyrically paining. [...]

Poem: disarmed – 12/12/21

change is as impermanent as the irreverent footsteps brushing against the floorboards then carpeted pavement travelling toward the bedroom door for a glimmer of your strength as your heart it beats quietly in slumber days well spent days well spent I sigh to myself for I see the journey within your nightly trials in your eyes sparkles glimmer alterations to be observed and saved soul shimmers [...]

Poem: personal astronomy – 12/12/21

as I speak, I wonder, what is there to gather from this world we inhabit? what is there to take away from it? to cherish, to treasure from it? so much to glean so many concepts felt, seen and thriving is this feeling I have within me for I have grown wiser from my experiences played puppet and now I dance the strings with ease it’s electrifying to know that I can direct my movements rest assured, Life is calling, finally, and I am welcomed by it. [...]