Poem: by the gods I have been blessed – 15/12/21

the gods have blessed me here today
and I could not be any more grateful
I present myself open arms tongue-tied
fumbling for the right words to speak
so thankful that I have been given this redemption
this ability for reprieve
for soul reflection
for ascension

I feel my spirit begin to detach and surround itself
around my very corporal being
enlightening my mind, freeing me from suffering
there’s nothing to gain from retrieval of memories
from ill historical and former focusing
their blatant latent effect upon my cerebral and synapses
firing in a manner so repetitively tiring
my emotions couldn’t bear the calling,
the calling oh, how I begged for their stalling

and now, momentous is this portion of the night
my essence is detached yet still intact
surrounding my body like a breath like its very own fog
an aura of mist and coolness is this what ethereal spirit be?

I look to the skies and there is nothing nothing but me to see
I surround this room I breathe myself in
peculiar this moment be
but I give in to the strangeness I allow it to take me in
and suddenly I become at one with this misty translucent sea
the gods have blessed me

I’m freeing myself from the defunct thoughts
the degenerative memories which assisted me naught
I have and will continue to move forward
I surround myself, how obscure, how strange,
but in this instance, it feels like odd perfection,
to know that at least, my corporeal being by this spirit
is being saved.

I can protect myself in a manner so cloaked and sheathed
not even the most perceptive will view my soul
for this spirit, this liveliness, my hope,
has continued to grow and grow
with time, with accentuation, with acceptance that
this life is something to embrace, not complain or be
pessimistic about,

I spent so many years in that negative degenerative haze,
ungrateful state and years of sickeningly unwell mental health –
I almost could not be saved
I complain not for I have lived those years
gained life experience
learned from doing not viewing
so many years spent angered and stewing
vile retention of obsession and contention though now
I have become enlightened
in the sense that yes,
by the gods I have been touched to view my truths
I have been blessed.

taught with foresight and acceptance that Life is worth living
Life is worth receiving
Life is worth investing in and worth the chances of giving and giving
and improving and being.
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

Photo by Nadiia Ploshchenko on Unsplash

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