Poem: boy, what’s your name again? – 10/12/21

I don’t want somebody like you
I never wanted to be ruined and unfulfilled
what I hope for
what I wish for
what I dream
is the potential for repair
to love, succeed, to be

are you part of that picture?
were you planning to be part of that fluidity?
that blossoming flower and the stamen reaching forth for
that other, pollinator, conjoiners?

the truth is I never wanted anyone like you.
I don’t know what I wanted.
but what I needed,
what I need,
now that’s a different assertion.
a competition?

Perhaps, win my heart if competition you
don’t dread,
weave the dreamcatchers, dreamscapes fly in wisps
and while away time, time, time,
and we’ll sleep until noon, or, at least, we’ll pretend to…

wet dreaming lashes and wanton desirous passions,
last night I wondered where you were, on your way
to teach so many life lessons to my heart
when it’s on heat with fire and ice and dancing
with disastrous notions which only have accents
upon the truest of consultations –

darling, oh darling, comment on my flow,
accentuate the designation of self-knowledge
which grows,
display all the personal power and growth
you have ascertained,
for this, I find utterly alluring,
boy, what’s that again, your name?
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.

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