Poem: wreathed, perpetually – 14/12/21

wreath me with the sadness that you could
no longer carry
battle heavy battle weary,
I will shoulder the metaphoric that ate at your spirit
entranced with the brightness of the airy and sycophantic
I smile, for I will carry on this legacy in a different way
I will revitalise the mourning into celebrations set
for a glorious day
I will understand that the need to be free and wild
reside on the very same occasion,
instant are potent notions, understandings
but, as confusions that will weigh down your heart
as innocent mirth fills my soul
and I glance down
at the soil where I buried those sunflower seeds
with sunshine water and smiles
I gave them my emotions I gave them my all and now the wreath I disrobe
take away that layer that protected me
brown-green pine needles, Christmassy armour
and I remember with sadness how I felt
recalling that other
that moment when I carried heartache almost eternally
and felt that suffering (suffering) as I stiffened with vile intent
of precarious ascent
my chest rises my chest heaves
my mind begs for insistence
to leave leave leave this scene
I don’t need to view your final resting place
I don’t need to understand why you fled my life
my state
and though you still exist, and elsewhere live
it’s as though you are dead to me
I carry your wreath
I yield all your suffering
I beg for you to remember
always remember me
that love you perpetually felt from
innocent naive me.  
Copyright © 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Teodora Popa Photographer on Unsplash

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