poem: time for change – 31/03/22

"TIME FOR CHANGE"(c) 2022 by Lauren M. Hancock it’s time to change,to embrace love and life,there is nothing I would erase;each moment and breatha welcome momentor an opportunity to learnto grow and accept the phase.Time and time againI found myself on the plane of existencewondering when would Life listen, with herpinpricked ears would she discern [...]

poem: the colours, a beginning – 11/03/22

The colours, they always brought me hope,Aura-binding, hue-enhancing,Pink, yellow, blue, green, indigo,But where is the pink, the love I know?I went through life from goals to achievements,Strengths to knowledge,Triumph and growth,But I fell apart,Underlying predisposition,Some of us break at the seams,Myself: undiagnosed manic depressive.Etching large shadowy figures on myBedroom walls,Self-harm,Tears they would fall,Such joy, elation [...]

Poem: Breaking News – 27/01/21

The journey is almost over, the pain, the suffering, the ailing, all to be washed away from the nights and the mornings, the bravery is there to be seen, highs, lows, during so much time, she’s been stoic throughout it all, the therapy has not seized her courage, or taken away her positivity, she’s been fighting and carrying on throughout what has sometimes been a struggle, demonstrating her resilience and capabilities. [...]