Poem: Gnawing Nails – 22/06/20

Fingernails ache from gnawing, desperately famished things are they,   ever-searching, ever-hunting, for fresh flesh to drag into – carefully they will take aim.   These nails are not discerning, they take, rip apart, any creature that they can,   fury, famine, circumstances, alleviating hunger, annihilating the need for Man.   Man used to feed [...]

Poem: The Smile – 25/09/19

The Smile causes such greatness of cheer wherever he happens to travel or whatever he happens to go near.  His charismatic image bears much bubbling mirth and joy dispels any negativity or unwarranted misery which others may know of but for some reason cannot erase away -helplessly they’d cry, "Why?"   One look upon his [...]

Poem: Bounce! – 22/09/19

Bouncing here and bouncing there, With no degree or level of concern or care.   Flying high into a welcoming sky, Falling to a potentially grim reality below. The creaking trampoline springs could catch him, end his life as it is known.   But how does he do it? Land completely on the ‘X’? The [...]