Poem: A Resplendent Explorer – 24/09/19

 A resplendent fish swims through the seas
his angelic wings become of him
intricate his image be
the seas warble fondly of him.
With outstretched limbs he reaches forth
into a mass of conical rocks of sorts
he understands that with his fine winged hands
he cannot delve too deep
else he cauterises and causes his fateful end.
A surprise! A proclamation —
what has this beautiful thing found?
in a world that’s utterly damning;
it’s a shock that his wings and arms are still here
intact and fanning
for his secret discovery to be revealed
to be told among those witnessing its handling.
A florid limb unfolds
revealing a tiny perfect white luminescent pearl
with a sheen of such exquisiteness
it blinds those here
their eyes pain at its brilliance within their world.
And with a little smile to himself
the resplendent fish moves on
clutching his treasure that will remain his
until the moment he is captured

but even then, the pearl will not
be permitted to be taken
not from his hand will it be pried
in death he’ll clutch until its presence ultimately
becomes forgotten.  

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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