Poem: Bounce! – 22/09/19

 Bouncing here and 
bouncing there,
With no degree or level of
concern or care.
Flying high into a welcoming sky,
Falling to a potentially grim reality below.
The creaking trampoline springs could catch him,
end his life as it is known.
But how does he do it?
Land completely on the ‘X’?
The perfect bouncing area
his aim is nothing amiss;
No disappointed ‘Oh’s’, nothing more or less.
Because this six-legged creature is just so nimble
and quick,
If he ever became stuck in the springs,
he’d wriggle his way out –
For that was just the way he is.
One particular bouncy evening,
this creature had been at it for hours,
He bounced and dived and flew and glided
His limbs guiding his particularly hairy and colourful form:
This rising and falling allowed him to feel completely empowered.
Because when he was a wee spider in the web,
barely breathing, unable to spin a thread,
He felt lost inside, in a tiny world that seemed to suck him up.

His presence was unwanted by his abysmal excuse for a mother,
He felt her unfeeling eyes were bone-dry,
with a heart full of ice.

She seemed intent on catching and wrapping her prey,
she spent no time with her children,
She forsook them due to her obsession with delectable food,
abandoning her kin's cries,
Their desire for attention.
So instead of hanging about,
in a stringent web that kept him in, and the interesting world out,
He simply jumped over the edge and bounced:
There was nothing left to lose.
He thankfully landed on a children’s trampoline,
Perfectly positioned below him,
Below the web of unwanted nightmarish dreams.
This was his escape,
his adrenaline rush,
And he made certain never to see his
viper of a life-giver again.
Bounce, bounce, bounce,
It cleared his head,
Made him smile,
Hitting the ‘X’ at every turn,
he would never be treated ill by another again.
This he would make certain of;
this would be his happy ending.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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