Poem: Disbelieving – 23/09/19

 “Come to me,” he says, beckoning to the crowd.
A creature with wide ears, open arms
and dreadfully hairy legs
dressed in an Aztec-inspired poncho.
“I have the answers to all your problems,” he promises.
With a wave of his arms around the scene
his eyes implore
beg them to take it in.
“See this land upon which we stand?
My creator, your creator
built it grain by grain, sand and soil, compacted up and up
with his bare hands.”
“But where is he now?” one witness calls.
“Where is the proof of his promise to be here now?” another sneers,
while the rest of the crowd starts to jeer.
“I am here before you,
my words are here to ring true,
the knowledge that all is repairable,
true faith will guide you through.”
Still the crowd jeers,
how could this creature presenting himself to them
be the one who was to preach and provide their lives’ stability,
goodness and truth, acceptance, forgiveness and love
these could easily be dismissed or
overthrown by a naïve or ignorant point of view.
He attempts to speak once more,
Explaining his role in this scene, to share pertinent truths
not provide the others with personal gain and materialistic objects,
yet the jeering turns into boisterous booing —
it pains his heart to know that disbelieving unknowing beings like this existed.
So, the creature in a poncho turns his back,
forsaking the bombastic disbelieving crowd
who refuses to know more, existing on their meagre understanding
rather than accepting the notion that they are indeed already blessed and loved.
This creature was a selected precious vessel chosen to spread the word of goodness,
there was many before him and would be many after him,
yet it is with despair that he accepts the knowledge that once again
another select group of humans were not ready to hear the words and view his soul
which he had dared to bare.  
Perhaps in the next lifetime, he tells himself,
as he drags his feet as he walks away.

© 2019 Alice Well Art, Lauren M. Hancock also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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