Poem: Our Rainbow – 11/07/21

I put on this ring of colours,
gold and rainbow hues,
it makes me brighter,
mood lighter,
fire –
warmth within,
such a factor.

We bought this together,
shared present,
I appreciated your offer
though perhaps I shouldn’t have taken it,
and now, I wear it falsely right-handed,
rising mood with style,
reminding me I’m that
rainbow child.

I don’t need pearls,
no other toys,
no silly boys,
just a best friend
as close as can be,
sometimes there’s
but we extract,
unwind, sometimes with difficulty,
other times with ease.

This rainbow child,
rainbow sprite,
how much I appreciate
the company and smiles,
listening ears, ever aware,
perpetually there,
breathing there,
listening down the line,
that phone connection is all,
moments, hours spent,
precious time, enthralled.

And all the while
my eyes dance
as upon the colours
I joyfully glance,
they revive me,
they remind me,
that our friendship’s
so precious to me,
and I realise our connection
has become like a second home to me.

© 2021 Lauren M. Hancock. All rights reserved.
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels

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