The rise : today – 12/01/22

my heart, oh my heart, it fills my mouth spills onto my chest a plethora of liquid love well blessed because I expelled those demons those pains those sufferings those feeling of inadequacy of needing to be noticed and appreciated by the lot of them I don’t need to be understood any longer I don’t [...]

Poem: wreathed, perpetually – 14/12/21

wreath me with the sadness that you couldno longer carrybattle heavy battle weary,I will shoulder the metaphoric that ate at your spiritentranced with the brightness of the airy and sycophanticI smile, for I will carry on this legacy in a different wayI will revitalise the mourning into celebrations setfor a glorious dayI will understand that [...]

Poem: Beautiful or Ugly – Spoken Word Audio and Text – 10/07/20

Audio: Beautiful or Ugly Your anger. It starts, hissing, a face contorting uncontrollably, a tic here, you’re growing stronger and far more beautiful as your emotions arise, of your internal nature I become aware, each decision you decide. Most people view your state as ugly, as something appalling, but your anger, darling, it shows me [...]