Poem: Shattered Pieces – 14/12/19

 The shattered pieces of my heart 
 lay unnoticed at his feet,
 where broken, jagged edges of myself 
 lay all around, 
 puncturing my reality. 
 I take in the rejections, 
 the bold airy silences which once 
 swam with bloated promise and hope,
 and I tell myself
 he does not matter
 that I must take care of my heart and myself.
  It’s as though I’ve taken a stab to my spleen,
  an organ which I don’t need to survive
  but by goodness I can feel the disgusting pain 
  and dripping of blood into my internal cavities.
 You’re a delicious distraction
 You’re a self-inflicted wound
 You’re everything I’ve wanted
 My inhalation, exhalation
 My tainted poison 
 You cause my shattering
 and I further perpetuate the breakage 
 into smaller parts
 let’s make our very own mosaic 
 where we can always be reflected in 
 our own unique mirror surface

 together yet never completely,
 close enough, at last.   
 A picture-perfect image,
 A decisive work of art.
© 2019 Lauren M. Hancock 
also known as Alice Well. All rights reserved.

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