poem: spellbound – 26/03/22

This is inspired by a prompt on Instagram called ‘Spellbound’ from @mlhmusings. The title alone inspired me to write this piece, which is admittedly very different from how the artworks would have guided me on their own.

Title: ‘Spellbound’
By @laurenm.hancock ©

I am spellbound by you, little darlin’,
the little us which may never come to be,
I am dreaming of you, sweet darlin’,
the most precious princess we might ever see.
Mesmerised I am by you, darling,
thoughts of mystical magic you will flash,
sweetheart, will you ever share your life?
so many trials and tribulations
threatened to thieve your conception,
your true inner light will outlast.

Some don’t encourage your arrival, dearest being,
neither cajole nor inter you to shine
the glory of your wondrous face: divine,
the mildest then brightest expressions need
never go to waste,
apple of our eyes…

My heart, our hearts, we shine with you,
the ability to distinguish and slice through pain,
Love will carry us through,
a close-knit family,
finally, our own,
wishes naught yearned for
nor cried for in vain,
together, our lives will finally ring true.
same, same and same.

Our precious being, won’t you see?
how eagerly awaiting we are for you
to breathe,
darling, view us, hear me,
we welcome you with open arms,
embrace your family,
Star-child who decides to grace us,
visit us from afar,
accompanied by divine melody,
sent from eons up above.

(c) 2022 Lauren M. Hancock Poetry and Prose. All rights reserved.
Photo by guille pozzi on Unsplash


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