Poem: Cherished – 01/03/20

Who do you love, my dearest, who is it you cherish? Who is it that makes your skin tingle, your veins pump wildly?   Who is it who feeds your desire, causes you to grow lighter while your heart palpates, big and small? Enormous and bolder, your simmering feelings, the bubbling brewing of emotions in [...]

Poem: Siesta – 24/01/20

Afternoon siesta, weather moody, growling, sweet, curl into covers, tucked in, slowly drifting off, as common though as beautiful as the morning mist.   Muscles so relaxed they might ooze off bones tender and supple, anonymity in the dreamy fields, a fervent chase begins, of your placating love, still worthy. © 2020 Lauren M. Hancock. [...]